Peer Leaders are teens, at least 14 years old, who are committed to contributing to their community in the most effective way possible. Peers will be trained in reproductive health content such as sexually transmitted infections, birth control options, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly where they can access these services. The Peer Leaders, equipped with all this knowledge, will help with presentations in the community, referring fellow peers to services, and being an upstanding member of the Teen Outreach Program.

Peer Leader Bios


Amillian Butler

Amillian is a 15 year old sophomore that attends ITC high school. Amillian likes to play video games in his spare time. He takes an interest in engineering and technology because he wants to be a video game designer. He has chosen to be a peer leader because he enjoys the idea of speaking in front of people and the fact that he gets to go to different locations and meeting new people.



Bhadra Mishra

Bhadra is 16 years old. She is a junior at Corcoran High School. She is passionate about bringing social change in her community. As a peer leader she wants to help her peers gain more leadership skills and strive for their goals in life. She is optimistic and likes to look for the good in things.


Lara Shqair

Lara is a hard-working and perseverant student that attends Corcoran High School. She is currently in the 11th grade, in the international Baccaleurette Program. Lara admired the peer leader role as she is an activist and leader for other students. She is involved in activities such as Syracuse Common Council, Seeds of Peace, Girls Ambassador, Girl Up and an ongoing list. Lara has a desire in majoring in medical and minoring in law, to help others and help the unfortunate. Lara lives by the moto “Life is like a test, day by day represents a question, the only difference on this test is only you can determine your results.” 


Anibal Carrasquillo

I’m 17 years old and I am from Puerto Rico. I am a student from PSLA Fowler. I am a leader within the CTE Program known as NJROTC. I am known to be very smart and know my study.